AVI Duo Clones For Sale

These speakers are based on some AVI Duos. The cabinets are brand new, and I installed better drivers than the standard AVI models and also created a super high spec crossover to see how far I could take these speakers.

The answer is surprisingly far. They are compact, cute-looking, but possess a marvellous top end transparency and pack a surprising bass wallop for their size. The crossovers are contained in a faux bottom below the speaker cavity so almost as good as crossovers ins separate boxes. The crossovers use Jensen capacitors and inductors are were designed to give minimal phase shift in the crucial mid band.

The speakers are band new and have only been tested. I made two pairs of these, one for myself, and one for sale.

Price is £550. A bargain compared to the original AVI price of £1,299!

Review here They were a HiFi Choice Best Buy


Goodmans Magister Speakers Upgrade

Here are the finished speakers. New mid and treble drivers were installed and new crossovers built. The original crossovers sent all the music signal to the bass driver with no filtering! The two photos show the finished speakers still wrapped in Cling Film for protection but sounding great after several hours running in. The first photo shows the old crossover that simply filtered the mid and treble drivers but not the bass. For comparison the components for the new crossover are shown alongside.

The tweeters used are Scanspeak  R2604s  and the mid range units Peerless  NE123Ws. Crossovers were built using Jantzen Cross Caps, Jantzen inductors and Mundorf resistors.




Goodmans Magister Speakers

These Goodmans speakers came along for new drivers and crossovers, and the owner persuaded me to re-spray the front panel black too! These were considered budget speakers in their day, but still sound good, despite that. The cabinet is well damped and made of very thick MDF. The bass driver is 15ins which makes today’s bookshelf speakers seem very tame. The main weak points are the crossover: the bas unit receives all frequencies whilst only the mod and treble are filtered! also, the quality of the mid and treble drivers can be much improved by today’s designs. The bass unit will be left well alone.