Little Gate Step Up Transformer

I recently completed a mains powered Little Gate step up amplifier in black. Some folk ask what the difference is between the mains and rechargeable battery versions and the answer is very little but the mains unit pips the rechargeable version for a little bit more weight and authority. An earth lift switch provides for hum free operation in different systems.


Hashimoto Step Up Transformers

I was commissioned bu a client to mount some Hashimoto step up transformers in a small case and this was the result. Small and neat, with the transformers top mounted to minimise real estate taken up by them. On the rear there is an earth lift switch to ensure hum free installation.



High Quality Moving Coil Step Up Amplifier


I was commissioned to build a high quality step up amplifier of moving coil cartridges and produced this little silver box. Using top quality Toshiba JFETs this step up amplifier offers silent non coloured amplification for moving coil cartridges that compares with the very expensive step up transformers. This version uses battery power (2 x 9v batteries) but it can also be supplied with a matching mains power supply.

It’s so good I now offer it as a standard product at £250    Moving Coil Step Up amplifier