Marantz CD 94 and DAC CDA 94



This CD player and matching DAC came in for servicing and repairs. The on /off switch on both had failed. There’s no spares available so a bit of ingenuity with some epoxy resin and away we go. I guess I could be printing new parts with a 3d printer sometime soon!

The tray on the Cd player was also faulty-a very common fault with these machines but then they are around 35 years old! New belts will be fitted and if that doesn’t sort it, the drive motor will be stripped and cleaned.


John Kenny Ciunas Dac

These diminutive Dacs pack quite a punch for their price and size. One of their claims to fame is a battery power supply, which is slowly charged by a trickle charger. This Dac came in for a battery replacement.

Another DDDac Completed

This DDDac uses the latest boards with built in Tent shunt regs along with my usual custom built power supplies and other upgraded components.

The received wisdom is that you need more than one Dac board to drive output transformers but in back to back comparisons I have proved this not to be the case. Whilst the buffer output stage added some ‘thickness’ to the sound it loses out on naturalness and air and ‘Joie de vivre’. As usual I’ve used my favourite Italian case with thick alloy front plate. 

Feedback and Recommendations

There’s been a lot of highly positive feedback of my work publicly posted on the Web. Here’s a selection of recommendations and feedback:

‘The upgrade work carried out to the WD Power, Pre and Phono has lifted the system beyond what I had wished for. David gives a reliable, knowledgable cost effective service with good communication and is very accommodating…. What more can you ask for?
The Custom built DACs, hand built and professionally finished in high spec casings are also of a very high standard and sounded utterly wonderful. A great alternative to inferior price point products available in the commercial HIFi world. No Middleman, no BS, No advertising and marketing…It just makes sense!
Highly recommended.’

General Recommendations

General Recommendations 2

General Recommendations 3

Ear Headphone Amp Upgrade

Goodmans Magister Restoration

DDDac see post 8 of thread