Onix Melody SP3

The Onix Melody is an Australian design made in China and runs 6L6 valves or equivalents. It had a pretty decent sound for the money when released in early 2000 and one of its main claims to fame was the use of  a stepped attenuator.


Another feature is its use of Russian military paper in oil capacitors (in the green cans in the picture above). These are not bad in terms of sound quality, but can be bettered with a decent audio grade capacitor. So, after discussion with the owner, we agreed we would upgrade the cathode bypass capacitors with Elna Silmics and the coupling capacitors with Musicaps. I also installed an earth lift system to stop the amplifier interacting with other equipment.

Overall the result was a very decent uplift in performance.


3 thoughts on “Onix Melody SP3

  1. Hi. Thanks for your blog. Very interesting. I have an Onix O21 S AMP that I love. It’s hooked up to
    an old Mitchell turntable and som B AND W”s.

    I turned it on this morning and got no blue power light!
    I tried another power cable and checked the plug fuse.

    My question is. What do you think has happened?

    Could it be an internal fuse? And, if so . How do I get to it?

    I would really appreciate your view before I take it off to an expensive repair shop.

    Many thanks Ronnie West.


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