RPI /HiFI Berry Digi+ Pro

A client commissioned me to build this small and elegant streamer based on an RPI3 along with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro and a high quality linear power supply.

One disadvantage of the RPI is that it does not have a native 44.1 clock speed. Along come our friends at HiFi Berry with the Digi+ Pro which has two precision on board clocks. Add a decent linear power supply connected directly to the Gigi+ Pro board and you have a very decent music server for not much money.

For the technically minded, it’s very easy to connect this set up to the right Dac via i2s to get sound quality to match the best.



One thought on “RPI /HiFI Berry Digi+ Pro

  1. This is Mine and it sounds damn fine!! Easy to connect up to Tidal HiRes streaming and Local NAS stored files. Top streamer for relatively small corn. Thanks David


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