Audio Note Oto

This amplifier came to me because one channel of the phono stage wasn’t working. On examination I found two faults. Firstly, a resistor was touching one of the earthed cans of one channel of the phono stage, doubtless caused by ‘valve rolling’ at some stage. Secondly, in common with a lot of Audio Note equipment the cheap modular phono sockets have a plate which identifies each input screwed to the sockets. This plate can prevent certain phono plugs from making a good connection. One way to improve things here is to remove the plate.





Trilogy 968

This fine EL34 /KT88 power amp was in the workshop for some TLC. Quite a simple problem in fact. In side there is a switch to set the bias for EL34 or KT88 valves and this had been set in the wrong position for the EL34 valves which were fitted. Once this was correctly set, the bias could be adjusted thus getting rid of the hum for which the amp was brought to me.