The Murphy Radio Busy Streaming Away Radio Paradise!

Class D amp, LEDs and Chromecast streamer installed along with power supplies. It sounds pretty decent through the original speaker too!


DDDac Build Continued

All the hardware is now in place and the wiring completed. Next step is to test the power supplies before final connections and firing up. This version uses a buffer output stage to drive Cinemag output transformers.

Old Radios Into Streamers!

Having reviewed the costs of restoration and options with the owner we are going to:

  1. Turn two into streamers using Google Chromecast  Streamers and Class D amplification. Two of the controls will be used for on/off and volume and the tuning dial will be backlit by LEDs.
  2. The third, the Bush VHF, will be fully restored and a Chromecast model built in and connected to the Aux input.

    All three will use the original speakers, in the case of the Bush that’s two 6ins bass /mid units and an electrostatic tweeter.