Goodmans Magister Speakers

These Goodmans speakers came along for new drivers and crossovers, and the owner persuaded me to re-spray the front panel black too! These were considered budget speakers in their day, but still sound good, despite that. The cabinet is well damped and made of very thick MDF. The bass driver is 15ins which makes today’s bookshelf speakers seem very tame. The main weak points are the crossover: the bas unit receives all frequencies whilst only the mod and treble are filtered! also, the quality of the mid and treble drivers can be much improved by today’s designs. The bass unit will be left well alone.



Sirius (Gamut) D100

This very well built, nice sounding 25 year old came in for a service this week. Not much wrong: checked and set the bias and DC offset was on spec and a visual inspection of all other components and circuit boards. the manufacturer was helpful in supplying the bias settings but claims they don’t have a circuit diagram for the amp any more! It’s an interesting design and its main distinguishing feature is it uses a single MOSFET as the output device giving 100 watts per channel. It also has an excellent on board protection system against unexpected transients, shorts etc.