Viola Audio one of today’s new arrivals along with a Copland ct401


Tube Technology Unisis

This great little compact amp pumps 35watts per channel thru 8 EL84s. The amp came to me for biassing and replacement of the main electrolytic caps. As is often the case the pcb tracks had weakened over the years so some rebuilding was required. It’s now singing away merrily and likely to do so for many a year.

Plinius 9200

While most of the work I do is with valve amplifiers or Dacs, I do do some solid state repairs and upgrades too. This nice looking amp came along because the phono input hummed. On stripping it down-a lengthy job-it was apparent the second phono input was only earthed thru contact with a wire and no solder joint. The phono socket had gradually worked loose and no longer made contact. Because the socket is a tight fit I repaired rather than replaced it.